Mount of Olives
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Mount of Olives
Mount of Olives
Mount of Olives
Mount of Olives
Emek Tzurim
The Emek Tzurim Park lies in the upper reaches of the Kidron Valley, to the north-east of the Old City wall. The park covers an area of 170,000 sq. m. (42 acres) and is part of the National Park around the walls of Jerusalem.
Some agricultural equipment that was used in this "agricultural backyard" of Jerusalem in various periods was discovered here (some of which has been left where it was and other parts have been taken away for preservation and future restoration).
The park houses the "Screening the Waste" project. This project, under the supervision of Dr. Gabi Barkai and Tzachi Schwieg of Bar Ilan University and supported by the Elad (To the City of David) Association, is designed to discover archaeological remains that were in the Temple Mount and were thrown out by the Muslim Waqf during digging there in 1999 that was without benefit of archaeological supervision and totally illegal.  In the course of the sifting project thousands of items from all periods have been discovered including fragments of stone decorated with ornaments known to be from the Second Temple Period at the height of its splendour, arrowheads from Nebuchadnezzar's army and also from the Romans as well as coins and decorations from all the periods. Among the most exciting finds were bullae (seal rings), ostracons written in ancient Hebrew script, seals, and more.

To book a visit and volunteer to sift the Temple Mount earth – call the City of David Visitors' Centre:  *6033

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